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Substrate Soil Ninja 'Zeolite'

Substrate Soil Ninja 'Zeolite'

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About Zeolite:
A fantastic amendment that is revolutionising how we grow!

Zeolite has the ability to greatly improve cation exchange capacity. As it is a negatively charged particle, it attracts positively charged cations in the soil, many of which are macro and micronutrients to the plant. This is then exchanged with the roots as they come into contact with the Zeolite!  As Zeolite radically absorbs excess nutrients also, it seriously reduces the risk of chemical burns and thus, rot. Zeolite also aerates the soil and also acts as a moisture controller, absorbing excess moisture and releasing it later on. 

Please Note: Colour will change on contact with water.

Our Coarse Zeolite comes in a 4-8mm grade.
Our Fine Zeolite comes in a 2-5mm grade.

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