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Substrate Soil Ninja 'Terrarium Mix'

Substrate Soil Ninja 'Terrarium Mix'

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Using a Blend of:
Coco Coir, Bark, Sand, Worm Castings, Zeolite, Activated Charcoal

About the Terrarium Soil Mix:
A complete mixture for terrarium plants in terrarium environments. In both open and closed terrariums, this mixture provides fast-draining properties tied with even moisture spread through the mix. A high amount of activated charcoal and zeolite stops heavy metals, impurities, minerals and other nasties from bruising up in the terrarium space. The addition of organic matter from bark allows for microfauna in the terrarium to create full ecosystem that feeds the plant with more fertiliser. The sand in the mix also prevents the soil from going muddy after long periods of being kept wet. 

What sort of soil should you use in a Terrarium:
Terrariums require a soil which not only is incredibly well-draining, but also full of purifying elements such as Activated Charcoal that will trap any impurities that may be introduced from tap water- or a plant transplanting from a different substrate. Otherwise these impurities will permanently be in the terrarium space and will eventually cause issues further down the line. The soil must also maintain its properties and structure in high humidity conditions. Sand tends to stay put in humid conditions and doesn’t shift onward like it can do in outdoor settings. If your terrarium is bioactive, there should be organic matter in the mix to provide the lifeforms living in your terrarium with food. 

As with all of our Premium mixes a population of positive bacteria, mycelium and microfauna is present in the substrate to create the potted ecosystem which keeps your plant healthy! Enough nutrients for the first 2 months of growth are also in every bag along with our specialist nutrient storage component, Zeolite.

Ideal For: 
African Violet, Brevirimosa Begonia, Butterfly Begonia, Peacock Begonia, Biophytum Sensitivum.

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