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Substrate Soil Ninja 'Just Houseplants' 10L

Substrate Soil Ninja 'Just Houseplants' 10L

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Using a Blend of:
Coco Coir, Perlite and Worm Castings

About the Soil.Ninja Base Mix:
An unspecialised mix that can be suitable for the majority of houseplants under correct care. This blend is also a fantastic base to build on to specialise towards your plants' specific needs using different components. Go from Basic Mix to Dirty Tricks! With 3 core ingredients, we use the same high-quality Coco Coir, Worm Castings and Perlite, as our other mixes. These cover the three core properties all soils should have - drainage, nutrients and aeration. Of course, some plants need different balances of these, which is where specialising can come in. 

Ideal For Most Plants:
Got some Anthurium? Add Zeolite and Bark to create larger air chambers for those bigger roots. Are Cacti your thing? Try adding Sand and Grit to help create a faster drying mix. 

  • It’s a high-quality potting mix packed with beneficial microfauna suitable for the vast majority of houseplants when the grower is confident in managing the plants' conditions. 

  • Specialising with components is encouraged, especially for fussier plants, the reverse label explains example recipes.

  • Like all of our products, this mix is 100% peat free! 

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