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Substrate Soil Ninja 'Alocasia Blend'

Substrate Soil Ninja 'Alocasia Blend'

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Using a Blend of:
Coco Coir, Vermiculite, Bark, Zeolite, Worm Castings, Activated Charcoal

About the Alocasia Soil Mix:
This mixture contains a variety of moisture retaining elements. To balance the soil plenty of aerating components are present in the blend to allow for excellent oxygen supply to the roots. We have added bark to this mixture too to provide organic material for the beneficial microbes, bacteria and mycelium to feed from which in turn creates a healthy underground ecosystem for the plant to root into.

What Alocasia want from their soil:
Alocasia need moisture in their soil. If the substrate is left dry for even a relatively short amount of time, this can result in losing leaves. The majority of components in this blend are moisture retentive in nature. It is important that plenty of air is available to the roots as they will be growing through a moist substrate. The Vermiculite, Bark and Zeolite will provide plenty of air chambers scattered throughout the pot.

As with all of our Premium mixes a population of positive bacteria, mycelium and microfauna is present in the substrate to create the potted ecosystem which keeps your plant healthy! Enough nutrients for the first 2 months of growth is also in every bag along with our specialist nutrient storage component, Zeolite.

Ideal For: 
Coffee Plant, Corpse Flower, Elephant Ear, Caladium, Colocasia, False Shamrock, Ludisia Discolor, Maggie, Midnight Ginger, Sensitive Plant, Variegated Spiral Ginger, Wood Sorrel.

Don’t have an Alocasia but have another thirsty aroid? Perhaps Xanthostema? A Cyrtosperma? Our Alocasia mix is for you.

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