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Styphnolobium japon. 'Little Baby'

Styphnolobium japon. 'Little Baby'

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Styphnolobium or formerly named as Sophora is a deciduous type of tree that comes from the regions of East Asia (mainly China, Japan or Korea).

"Little baby", is a cultivar that originates from the cool subtropical South Island of New Zealand. This type of jerlin was originally bred as bonsai, which refers to the ancient art of miniaturizing trees that are grown in bowls. However, Sophora "Little baby" will make a splash in any interior, whether in the form of a bonsai or a classic houseplant.

The small stature of this sophora allows its zigzag-twisted twigs, which are decorated with green oval leaves growing in pairs, to really stand out. "Little baby" is a popular part of interiors due to its delicate to fragile appearance.

Sophora likes to live in a bright and cold location, the sun really benefits them, which is why, for example, it is possible to leave these houseplants outside in the summer. Be careful as Sophora are prone to overwatering and drying out, so at least the upper part of the substrate must be checked regularly. Water when the top inch of its the soil is dry. Never allow your plant to sit in water and keep away from radiators or fireplaces.

Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Direct Light
💧 Once a week
🐾 Toxic if ingested

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