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Spathiphyllum bellini - Peace Lilly

Spathiphyllum bellini - Peace Lilly

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Peace lilies are tropical species and hybrid from the Spathiphyllum genus that are favourite flowering houseplants. A striking plant when used in mass display, the peace lily blooms in spring with long-lasting flower stalks that hover gracefully over the foliage. The plant has glossy oval leaves with points that emerge from the soil. A well-grown peace lily may bloom twice a year, resulting in several months of flowers.


Water once a week. The soil must be kept moist but not soggy, which will cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Avoid direct sunlight, but do give them lots of bright filtered light.

They like warm conditions and will react badly if exposed to low temperatures. 

Care Instructions

☀️ Moderate Indirect Light
💧 Once a Week
🐾 Toxic if ingested

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