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Sarracenia - Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Terrarium

Sarracenia - Carnivorous Pitcher Plant Terrarium

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Pitcher plants are the largest group of carnivorous plants and Sarracenia is one of the largest pitcher plant genera.

Sarracenias are very exotic, almost alien-looking plants that have unusual leaf shapes and incredible colours. They make excellent garden plants in moist places in the garden or as container or terrarium plant. If you are a fan of growing colourful, unusual, meat-eating plants, then Sarracenias are for you. Whether it's their unique foliage, fabulous flowers, or ability to rid the world of unwanted insect pests, Sarracenias are a wonderful group of plants to have.

Not edible. Non toxic if accidentally ingested.


Light: Bright indirect sunlight is ideal.

As this plant is in an airtight container, is virtually maintenance-free. All the water and oxygen are recycled inside the glass, just keep it closed.