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Compo Valentines - Potted Roses

Compo Valentines - Potted Roses

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Potted miniature roses are an insanely popular gift for plant lovers. Ranging in colour and bloom size, miniature roses look lovely when kept indoors. 

If the dead flowers are removed or if the rose is lightly pruned, it will produce new green leaves and flowers again and again.

The roses that can be used indoors can also be placed outside on the patio, on the balcony or in garden beds after the first flowering. This will produce even stronger growth and flowering.



Light: Bright indirect light. Potted roses love sunlight. Place your plant in as much light as possible, but not in direct sunlight in the warmest months. Roses do not like high temperatures. They can be kept at normal room temperature, but if the rose is placed in a slightly cooler place with plenty of light, it will last longer and flower again and again.

Water: The roses must be watered regularly and must not be allowed to dry out or be soaked in water. If possible, water your rose from below and avoid watering the leaves. Fertilize during the blooming period.

Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Direct Light
💧 Once a Week
🐾 Non-toxic

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