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Peperomia Rosso

Peperomia Rosso

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- Light: Moderate to bright, can tolerate low light conditions but will grow slowly. To optimally maintain the plant inside the house, ensure you place it close to a west or east-facing window so that good light is guaranteed either during the mornings or later in the afternoons. Best avoid south-facing windows as direct sunlight can dry out or burn the leaves. They also do really well under fluorescent lights, making them ideal for the office or basement flat.

- Water: Water when the soil has almost dried out, Radiator Plants don't like to be over-watered. Use soft water if possible and water from below. Water is stored in the leaves making these plants drought resistant.

Not edible. NON-TOXIC if accidentally ingested.

Care Instructions

☀️ Moderate Indirect Light
💧 Once a Fortnight
🐾 Non-toxic

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