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Musa Oriental Dwarf Cavendish - Banana Plant

Musa Oriental Dwarf Cavendish - Banana Plant

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Originating from South-East Asia and the South Pacific, the banana is one of the oldest cultivated crops. There are more than 400 species worldwide of this exotic plant from the Musaceae family, all characterised by large, smooth-edged leaves and a slightly wavy edge.

The large leaves of the 'Dwarf Cavendish' give your house an exotic feel. As this banana remains small it makes a perfect houseplant. Under ideal conditions the Musa sp. can come into bloom in the living room or greenhouse. The flowers are surrounded by conspicuous bracts.

Not edible. Non-toxic if accidentally ingested.


Light -Bright indirect sunlight. Banana plants like warm conditions – they cannot cope well with temperatures below 12-15°C.

Water -  Keep the soil moist, but be careful when watering not to get the soil too wet because this can cause the root to rot, which ultimately disrupts the plant's growth. You should never let the plant stand in water so ensure sufficient drainage.

Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Indirect Light
💧 Once a week
🐾 Non-toxic

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