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Leaf Love Gloves - Microfiber dusting gloves for plants

Leaf Love Gloves - Microfiber dusting gloves for plants

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These fluffy gloves are your best ally to keep your leaves shiny and free of dust and bugs. Gentle on plants, tough on dust. - Microfiber material, it attracts dust and keeps it trapped in the fibers. - Use dry or wet, they’ll remove dust either way, and they’re also perfect to apply leaf shine or pest prevention treatment, like Neem Oil. - Washable: drop them in the washing machine after your cleaning session. - One Size: super stretchy, they can accommodate your green thumb, small or large - Recycled PET. Not only green in color, but green in the production process too! Made in Italy, from old bottles to new gloves. Dimensions: 23 x 13 x 3 cm, 47 g

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