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Hoya Kerrii -Sweetheart Plant Double Hearts

Hoya Kerrii -Sweetheart Plant Double Hearts

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Hoya kerrii is a species of Hoya native to the south-east of Asia. As the thick leaves are heart-shaped, the plant is sometimes named lucky-heart or sweetheart.

Not edible. Non-toxic if accidentally ingested.


Sunlight: Hoyas have plump leaves that hold water as succulents do, so they need lots of sunlight. Keep your Hoya in a very bright window with six or more hours of daily sun.

Watering: Allow the substrate to dry completely in between waterings, usually 2 to 3 weeks during summer and 3 to 4 weeks during winter, depending on your house temperature and light exposure.

Care Instructions

☀️ Moderate to Bright Indirect Light
💧 Once a week
🐾 Non-toxic

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