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Hoya Australis - Wax Flower Plant
Hoya Australis - Wax Flower Plant
Hoya Australis - Wax Flower Plant

Hoya Australis - Wax Flower Plant

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Wax plants have beautiful, long slender stems covered with thick, glossy, succulent leaves. They are popular as a houseplant due to their attractive foliage and clusters of sweet-scented, star-shaped pink-white flowers.

Hoya australis is an evergreen, climbing vine. They are long-lived and grow long lengths if left untrimmed, trailing up to 3m. Prune trails in Spring to maintain the desired length.

They are relatively easy-care, with air-purifying qualities.

Not edible. Non-toxic if accidentally ingested.  


Light: Needs bright, indirect light. Strong direct sunlight will scorch the leaves. Will benefit from some early morning or late afternoon sunshine. Can cope in light shade but unlikely to bloom. Does well under artificial light making it ideal for office environments.

Water: Hoya plants are succulents and store water. Allow the top half of the soil to dry out between watering, then water deeply and allow to drain thoroughly. Do not over-water as too much water will kill the plant. Water sparingly in winter.