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Houseplant Tarot

Houseplant Tarot

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Whether you're growing a personal rainforest of plants or raising a smaller, more modest plant family, the Houseplant Tarot deck is here to help you use your passion for houseplants to get in touch with your own intuition. This modern take on the traditional 78-card Rider-Waite tarot deck combines authenticity and respect for the traditional themes and interpretations of tarot with a bit of plant-parent humour, and includes thoughtful interpretations like The jade plant as the Wheel of Fortune; The Easter lily as Judgement; The air plant as The Hermit; Cacti as the Suit of Swords; And more! With a fun and friendly tone similar to decks such as Cat Tarot and Kawaii Tarot, the Houseplant Tarot deck is the perfect gift for plant lovers and tarot enthusiasts of all experience levels.

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