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HOUSE PLANT SOIL TOPPER | Cork granules - natural mulch

HOUSE PLANT SOIL TOPPER | Cork granules - natural mulch

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Use this natural product to keep the moisture of the potting mix in hot and dry environments. Particularly useful for your humidity-loving diva plants. A perfect gift for plant lovers. Ingredients 100% cork granules. Size 1000 ml How to use Cover the entire surface of the potting mix with the cork granules. Water carefully ​to ​​prevent the light product from ​floating out of the pot. Cork is a beautiful material with unique characteristics. As in nature, it provides an ideal balance between moisture retention and aeration of the potting mix. Additional information Suitable for all house plants. Keep in a cool place, protected from direct light and out of reach of children and animals. Materials Cardboard box (100x110x150mm) with compostable pouch.

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