Hedera helix Mein Herz - English Ivy
Hedera helix Mein Herz - English Ivy

Hedera helix Mein Herz - English Ivy

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Ivy is likely to be one of the best plants to choose from if you want something that looks good in a hanging basket with minimal fuss. Plus, is one of the most efficient air purifying houseplants.

Make sure you hang your plant in a cool room, as this plant doesn't enjoy much heat. Dropping leaves is a sign that your plant is or too warm and needs to be moved to a cooler spot or is being overwatered.

Slow to moderate growers, its vines need to be pruned when they reach the desired length when cultivated in hanging baskets. 


Moderate indirect sunlight, turn the pot occasionally to encourage the leaves to develop in all directions. 

Water once a week in the summer months, allowing the compost to dry out in between waterings. Be careful to not overwater your plant as it can lead to root rot. During winter, reduce the water regime by half. This plant can tolerate inconsistent watering.

Not edible. Toxic if accidentally ingested.