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Betterplants Root Booster - 500ml

Betterplants Root Booster - 500ml

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100% natural, Irish and organic root booster solution can be used in established plants and also used to speed up plant propagation.

Betterplants Root Booster is a powerful root stimulant that increases root length and biomass, increases the quantity of secondary (hair) roots that absorb nutrients and water, resulting in a fast-growing, healthy plant. 

100% soluble in water, with no insoluble or sediments, avoiding blockages during foliar application.


For established plants:

With watering - Add 1 cap full to 1 litre of filtered water. Use this solution to water your plants as usual. Can be used once a month during the growing season. 

Foliar application - Add 1 cap full to 1 litre of filtered water, fill your spray bottle with the solution. Mist your plants, including underneath its leaves, once a week during the growing season.

For plant propagation: Add 5 cap full to 1 litre of water, dip the cuttings in this solution overnight. Place the cuttings back to the propagation station. Repeat weekly, until your cutting has established the root system and are ready for transplanting. 

Supplied by Better Plants, Mullingar Co. Westmeath.


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