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Ceropegia woodii - String of Hearts

Ceropegia woodii - String of Hearts

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The String of Hearts plant, or Ceropegia woodii, is quite a striking plant that is perfect for any home. It is a very adaptable and tough plant that just about anyone can grow and care for with ease. 

It is an evergreen succulent trailing vine that spreads to reach up to 2 to 4 metres in length. Its leaves are shaped like hearts, about 1–2 cm wide and long. When exposed to sufficient light they have a deep green colour; under insufficient lighting, the leaves are pale green

Fantastic for shelf decoration and hangers, makes a great addition to any plant collection.

Choice of two variants available: Silver Glory showing marbled leaves with white veins and Marlies showing variegated leaves.


This plant requires bright but indirect sunlight. Too much bright or direct light can damage the leaves. If the leaves appear light and very far apart, move them to a brighter spot to increase their light exposure.

Watering frequency depends on your house temperature and sunlight exposure, usually every 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure that you wait until the soil has completely dried out before watering it. Reduce watering in the winter months. Avoid overwatering as it can lead to root rot.

This plant is not edible, but it is not toxic if accidentally ingested.


Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Indirect Light
💧 Once a Fortnight
🐾 Non-toxic

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