Calathea zebrina

Calathea zebrina

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Lush, light green leaves form the base for what looks like zebra stripes of deep green. 

Punctuated by the slender stem, it is highly attractive! 

Also a member of the Prayer plant family, they get its name for its unique habit of raising its leaves to an upright position at night time. The leaves fold together like hands during prayer!​ 

Tips: This plant can be a bit fussy with water, so always use rainwater or filtered water. Chlorine and excess salts in tap water may damage the root system and cause the edges of the leaves to go brown and crisp. Be sure that your plants are kept out of drafty locations and away from vents or other air sources. They are extremely sensitive to sudden temperature shifts, avoid placing this plant close to radiators or stoves. 

Plant+pot measures 85cm.

Not edible. Non-toxic if accidentally ingested.



  • Water every 1–1.5 weeks; adjust the frequency depending on the amount of light provided (less light = less watering). Allow the top half of the soil to fully dry out between waterings. Use room-temperature water if at all possible. This plant loves humidity, it’s important to keep your plant out of the direct path of vents, such as air conditioning vents or heater vents. These can dry out the soil conditions and reduce the humidity around your plant.

  • Light: Bright indirect light, not happy with direct light. 8 hours of light per day is ideal, avoid direct light as most leaves will wilt if they get too much direct sunlight.