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Botanica Aphelandra - Zebra Plant

Botanica Aphelandra - Zebra Plant

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Aphelandra squarrosa, known more commonly as Zebra plant, is a tropical plant originally from Brazil. Typically grown indoors, it's lauded for its unique dark leaves that are striped with white veins, as well as its colourful flowers. When in bloom (which usually happens in late summer or early autumn) a Zebra plant bears tall golden bracts that can reach several inches and number between two to four per plant, lasting up to six weeks.


Bright indirect light.

This tropical plant needs high humidity to thrive, with soil constantly moist. Water once to twice a week and don't allow water sitting at the bottom of the pot.



Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Indirect Light
💧 Once a Week
🐾 Toxic if ingested

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