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Biological Pest Control for Mealy Bugs and Aphids - Lacewing

Biological Pest Control for Mealy Bugs and Aphids - Lacewing

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  • For the control of aphids

  • Also feeds on mealybugs, thrips and other insects

  • Also effective at low temperatures


Mode of action

Larvae of the lacewing attack their prey and suck their body fluids.

Visual effect

Prey is sucked out, shrivelled skins are difficult to find. Chrysoperla carnea is active mainly during the night. The larvae hide during the day.

Directions for use


  • Shake the bottle or bucket gently before use
  • Apply on infested leaves
  • For hotspot treatments, apply Chrysopa directly in the heavily affected areas
  • The product can be applied on the rock wool slabs, on leaves, via application boxes 


The dosage of Chrysopa depends on climate, crop and pest density and should always be adjusted to the particular situation. Start introduction as soon as the first pests are detected. Introduction rates typically range from 2-20 per m2/release. Releases should be made in infested areas only and can be repeated at weekly intervals until control is achieved. 

Environmental conditions

Chrysoperla carnea is effective in a wide temperature range including low temperatures (average > 12°C). It is most effective at 20-28°C.

Care Instructions

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