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Biological Pest Control for Fungus Gnats and Thrips larvae - Entonem

Biological Pest Control for Fungus Gnats and Thrips larvae - Entonem

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Entonem can be used for biological control of various insect pests. It is effective at low temperatures, thus can also be applied in colder parts of the season.


Mode of action

The nematodes enter the pest and release symbiotic bacteria into the pest's body cavity. These bacteria convert the host tissue into a food source, on which nematodes feed, develop, and reproduce inside the host. This kills the pest within a few hours to days after infection.

Visual effect

Infected pest insects in the root zone turn yellow to brown but may be difficult to find, due to rapid degradation. Infected foliar pests simply fall to the ground.

Directions for use


  • Remove the sachets from the box and keep them at room temperature for 30 minutes
  • Empty the contents of the sachets into a bucket containing at least 2 litres of water per sachet (water temperature: 15-20°C/59-68°F)
  • Stir well and leave the contents to soak for five minutes
  • Stir again and pour the contents of the bucket into the half-filled spray tank 
  • Maintain agitation of mixture in the sprayer
  • Fill the spray tank with the required amount of water
  • Apply directly after preparation of spray solution


  • Nematodes can be applied using a watering can or a sprayer.
  • Continuous mixing should take place to prevent nematodes sinking to the bottom of the spray tank
  • Water tank temperature must not exceed 25°C/77°F and pH must be between 4 and 8
  • Distribute the spraying solution evenly over the soil/medium surface

Environmental conditions

  • Steinernema feltiae is active between 10-31°C but performs best at temperatures between 14-26°C
  • Soil or air temperature below 5°C and above 35°C can be lethal
  • Nematodes are susceptible to ultraviolet light (UV): do not use them in direct sunlight
  • The moisture content of the soil must be kept high for several days after application. When possible, irrigate before and right after application
  • For foliar application, spray Entonem when relative humidity will exceed 75% for several hours after the treatment
  • Spray in the evening (or morning in some cases) allowing nematodes to work for several hours within the optimal range of temperature and humidity, as described above


Care Instructions

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