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Bio herbs Wasabi

Bio herbs Wasabi

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Wasabi Growing Guide

Wasabi is a beautiful rare plant with heart-shaped leaves and the plant produces spikes of tiny white blooms in early spring. Wasabi is a brassica and is closely related to mustard and cabbage plants.

Growing Location

It is also a cool-season plant that will not grow in a hot environment. Wasabi grows naturally on the shaded wet banks of cold mountain streams.

Wasabi cannot handle the intensity of the summer sun. When grown in a home garden or an indoor container, Wasabi does best in full shade. A little dappled sunlight, especially in winter times, is acceptable.

Water and Food

Water the plant daily. Remember its natural habitat is alongside creeks so it must have plenty of water to survive. The plant stem will droop at the first sign of thirst - give the plant a drink and it will recover. Feed Wasabi a balanced fertilizer every other month.


Harvest time is 24-36 months after planting when the rhizome is 4-inches or larger. Leaves, stems, and flowers can be harvested anytime.

Care Instructions

☀️ Bright Indirect Light
💧 Once a week
🐾 Toxic if ingested

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