Alocasia lauterbachiana - Purple Sword

Alocasia lauterbachiana - Purple Sword

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Tropical plants in the Alocasia genus feature stunning foliage that can become the centrepiece of a garden or room.

Alocasia Lauterbachina, also known as Purple Sword is a stunning plant. It has vibrant looking leaves with a beautiful shape and colour scheme. These plants are not only beautiful to look at but are also easy to grow and maintain.

Pot 19cm, plant 75cm.


Light: Bright indirect sunlight, avoid direct sunlight as it may scorch the leaves.

Water: Keep the compost moist through the summer months, but be careful to not overwater your plant as it can lead to root rot. During winter, reduce the water regime by half. Alocasias appreciate the moist environment, so mist around your plant often and avoid water sitting on the leaves as it can scorch it when exposed to sunlight.

Not edible. Toxic if accidentally ingested.